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At GriffCom we provide a premium CCTV Remote Monitoring security service to commercial and residential properties throughout the Bahamas.

Our solution detects unauthorised and criminal activity at the earliest possible stage. If an intruder attacks, detection devices will be triggered and your live CCTV images will be transmitted to our 24-hour Remote Video Monitoring Center. Our Operators visually confirm the cause of alarm and take necessary action, including issuing audio warnings to deter criminal activity before it happens as well as contacting the Royal Bahamas Police Force on your behalf. Visually confirming events means that reporting false activations to the police are very much a thing of the past. Due to our confirmation process Police arrive quickly due to a confirmed burgulary attempt. Most CCTv owners don't have the luxury of watch thier home or business for 24 hours and seven days, let us take that burden from you and give you a new found peace of mind.