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Welcome to our official GriffCom Bahamas Ltd. website – where we offer a wide variety of security services for your home or business (small and medium sized, specifically). We specialize in security network infrastructure installation and maintenance, CCTV monitoring, as well as technical support and consultation for any pre-existing surveillance network. We also provide Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) for storing the daily proceedings of all monitored areas for our clients’ personal review in case of filing detailed police reports for burglaries, home invasions, etc. You can enjoy a 24-hour-a-day bird’s eye view over all you own and protect at your own leisure and convenience.

At GriffCom, it is our goal to give our clients total monitoring capability over all their personal and professional property with security systems that function seamlessly and efficiently for total assurance that all is well on every front.

Our technicians are fully trained in all services that we offer and have 10 years plus experience in all areas of this profession to ensure that we stay up to date with the latest technology to offer you nothing but the absolute best protection available. Only you - our valued customer - can know how best we can address all of your security needs and we do our utmost to guarantee 100% satisfaction to ALL of our clients in ALL respects.

Listed below is just a modest sampling of all that we can do for you. For a more extensive and detailed view of our top quality provisions and how best they can improve your standard of living, see the “Products” and “Services” tabs. Note: Included in the “About Us” section is a downloadable flyer featuring all that GriffCom has to offer in printable format as well as our contact information for any and all questions regarding our amenities.

Trust us to help you keep your loved ones and your property safe night and day- the GriffCom way.


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