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What Is Perimeter Intrusion

Have you ever wanted to know when some enters your yard unannounced? Our perimeter intrusion systems give you an additional advantage on would be intruders by alerting you the minute someone enters your predefined area. This can give you the ability to either ward off the intruder by turning on lights in your home to let them know that someone is up or prepare yourself to protect your home without them even knowing that you are aware of their presence. These precious minutes can greatly assist you in protecting your home or business. Systems can be designed to either alert the intruder that they have been detected by engaging a 120-decibel outdoor siren with a strobe light or be set to silent where only you get notified. Systems vary based upon your specific needs and current environment we offer:

  • Triple Beam Systems in both hard wired or wireless
  • Buried Cable Systems
  • Ultra-Sensitive Fence Vibration Systems
  • Driveway Monitors
  • Swimming Pool Alert Systems

Perimeter Intrusion systems

Completely Wireless Perimeter Intrusion System 




  • Solar Powered
  • Range of 150 feet
  • Triple Beams alleviate false alarms
  • Instant Notification once Barrier is broken
  • Price Includes One Zone
  • IP67 Weather Proof Protection

Wired Beam System With  Alarm System




  • Wired Power
  • 300 Feet Range
  • Triple Beams alleviate false warnings
  • Calls up to 3 people when barrier is broken
  • 120 DB Outdoor Siren
  • Arm & Disarm System from Anywhere
  • Mobile Phone App
Perimeter Intrusion Fence Detection 




  • 1,500 Foot Detection
  • High Sensitivity Vibration Sensor
  • Pinpoint Accuracy
  • System Can Tie Into a Central Monitoring Station
  • Cable Cut Detection
  • Instant System Notification
  • PTZ Camera Triggering to Investigate the zone

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